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  1.THW rEQuire all healthy citizens to register their bone marrow data and donate marrow when needed.所有健康公民应该被强制登记骨髓数据并捐献。

  2.This House believes that animals should not be used as objects of sport and entertAInment.动物不应被用作体育或娱乐活动的对象。

  3.TH believes doctor should never lie to their patients,even for their own good.医生不应再任何时候对病人期满病情。

  4.THW  grant those diagnosed with terminal illnesses the right to access treatments that have not completed clinical testing.绝症患者应有权选择使用尚未完成临床测试检验的新药物或疗法。

  5.This house would ban all cosmetic surgerites.美容整形英予以禁止。

  6.THW ask smokers to pay for their own medical expenses.吸烟者不应被提供医疗报销。


  1.THW ban time-travel TV series in prime time.应禁止在黄金时间播出穿越电视剧。

  2.THBT copyright of visual media belongs to the subject and not the phographer.影像制品的版权应归属被摄影人员而不是摄影单位。

  3.THW have a Men’s day.庆祝妇女节的同时也应设立男士节。

  4.This house would allow citizens to hide their health condition in job application.公民在求职时可隐瞒健康问题(如心脏病,肝炎,艾滋病等)。

  5.This house would ban beauty pageant.选美比赛应被禁止。

  6.THW ban war simulation games.战争模拟游戏应当被立法禁止。

  7.THS vegetatism.素食主义应当被倡导。


  1.THBT teacher’s pay should be related to student’s performance.教师的工资应与学生的成绩挂钩。

  2.THBT toy campanies should not promote gender stereotypes in the production and sale of children toys.玩具公司在生茶和销售儿童玩具时不应宣扬性别偏见。

  3.THW allocate collage enrollment quota based on each insititution’s graduate employment rate.大学的入学名额应基于毕业生的就业率来分配。

  4.THW legalize and subsidize home-schooling.政府应允许并补助家庭教育。

  5.This house believes that high school students should be discouraged from study sbroad.高中生不应被鼓励出国留学。

  6.THW admit students whose parents are migrant workers to go to public schools in the city where their parents work.进城务工人员的子女应当得到其务工地的公立学校的接纳。

  7.THW stop gender stereotyping education in schools.学校教育中不允许出现性别偏见(比如男孩应当做工程师,女孩应当做护士)。

  8.China should criminalize academic dishonesty.中国应该对有关学术欺诈行为立法。

  9.All the money currently spent on confucious institutions abroad should be spent instead on alleviating poverty.现在所有投资与海外孔子学院的资金都应该用来缓解贫困。